What We Publish

We will publish a number of reports each year, which will be laid before Parliament in accordance with our statutory obligations. We will provide the bodies we scrutinise with copies of our reports and publish them on our website. Where we are directed by Scottish Ministers, we will report to them and they will present these reports to the Scottish Parliament.

We will typically produce reports from our individual scrutiny activities through Local Policing+, Thematic Reviews, Continuous Improvement Reviews and Audit and Assurance Reviews. These will be published throughout the year in accordance with our Scrutiny Plan. The publication of any reports from Collaborative Inspections will ordinarily be undertaken by the lead inspection body responsible.

We will produce an Annual Report at the end of the fiscal year and provide information summarising our activities. This will include an assessment of our impact and how our activities contributed towards positive outcomes. We will also comment on the overall state, effectiveness and efficiency of policing in Scotland and on the performance of Police Scotland and the SPA. We will aim to publish our annual report in June of each year, after the publication of the SPA’s Annual Report.