Press Release - HMICS Inspection of the Scottish Police Authority

Thursday, 5 January, 2017

In responding to a media request, HMICS has today confirmed that it will include an inspection of the Scottish Police Authority as part our 2017/18 Scrutiny Plan.

As SPA will be implementing its new governance arrangements early in 2017, Mr Derek Penman, Chief Inspector of Constabulary in Scotland has decided that it would be timely for HMICS to conduct a statutory inspection into the state, efficiency and effectiveness of the Scottish Police Authority.

Our inspection will incorporate a wider review of the SPA, the work of its officers and the services it provides. This will be our first statutory inspection of the SPA and will involve an evidence led review of the new governance arrangements. It will focus on the SPA oversight of transformational change, financial sustainability, people, audit and the new policing committee. It will also include an assessment of how these committees operate in private.

This inspection will complement our planned inspection of the Forensic Service provided by the SPA, which starts in February 2017.

Our timing for the full inspection of the SPA is still to be agreed, although planning will start in March 2017,  with a view to conducting the inspection during 2017/18. It will be conducted using our statutory powers and a report will be laid before the Scottish Parliament and published on our website.

HMICS advised the SPA on 9 December 2016 of our intention to carry out this inspection.

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