HMICS Thematic Review of CONTEST Prepare 2013

Friday, 27 June, 2014

The aim of this Thematic Review was to follow-up on the progress made against recommendations from previous HMICS CONTEST inspections AND to assess how Police Scotland is currently prepared to respond to and recover from a terrorist incident.

Given the creation of Police Scotland, the importance of CONTEST and the proximity to the Commonwealth Games 2014, HMICS considered that this thematic review of CONTEST Prepare was appropriate. Our fieldwork took place during September and October 2013 which was only six months after the creation of Police Scotland and our findings should be considered within the context of this major reform. The review nonetheless provided a timely opportunity to check progress against our previous HMICS reports and objectively assess the effectiveness of the new national and local policing structures needed to deliver CONTEST.

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HM Inspector of Constabulary in Scotland

Our Review

Key Findings



CONTEST in Scotland

Police Reform

HMICS Legacy Recommendations

A Thematic Review of CONTEST Prepare

Appendix One - Methodology

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