HMICS Review of Legacy Inspection Recommendations, 2014

Monday, 21 July, 2014

The aim of this review was to assess all outstanding recommendations from HMICS thematic inspections conducted since 2008 to ensure all relevant improvement activity has been captured and taken forward by Police Scotland.

This review provides a single source document containing legacy recommendations made by HMICS to the eight legacy police forces and the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland, (ACPOS), which had not been completed prior to the creation of Police Scotland. It provides a definitive assessment of the progress made in relation to these recommendations and gives greater clarity to Police Scotland in terms of what, if any, outstanding action may still be required. Importantly, this review ensures that the value from all HMICS thematic inspections conducted since 2008 is captured and taken forward by Police Scotland.

We have reviewed each of our legacy recommendations. This entailed an examination of Police Scotland’s current position with respect to each recommendation, discussions with the relevant service lead and, where appropriate, an examination of relevant policies and standing operating procedures. We used this information to assess whether the recommendations still required further action (open) or whether there was sufficient evidence to conclude that it had been fully completed or was no longer relevant (closed). Where any legacy recommendations were still considered relevant, these have been reframed to reflect the current policing landscape and refreshed into new recommendations that are specific to Police Scotland.

The review does not assess legacy recommendations that relate to our current Thematic Reviews of CONTEST (published June 2014) and Custody (which will be published in July 2014). The assessment of legacy recommendations pertaining to CONTEST and Custody will be incorporated into these Thematic Reviews and where relevant, reframed and refreshed into new recommendations.

This combined approach will ensure that all outstanding recommendations from HMICS thematic inspections conducted since 2008 will be objectively assessed and that Police Scotland can move forward with clarity over what, if any, improvement activity is still required from legacy inspections.

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