HMICS Local Policing+ Inspection Programme - Inspection of Ayrshire Division

Thursday, 26 February, 2015

This inspection, which forms part of our published scrutiny programme, is the first in our Local Policing+ inspection programme and follows on from our pilot inspection of Fife Division. The learning from the pilot has been carried forward to ensure a robust evidence-led inspection that aims to assess the state, effectiveness and efficiency of Local Policing.

Effective local policing is fundamental to the success of Scottish policing. It is the part of policing that interacts with the public on a daily basis and is essential in building good relations with persons, localities and communities in Scotland. Strong local relationships strengthen the legitimacy of Police Scotland to carry out its function and support communities to improve their safety and well-being. Effective local scrutiny and engagement are also essential to the success of policing, through the identification and agreement of local priorities and holding the local commander to account for their delivery.

Localism has been reflected within the three benefits identified from Police Reform, namely:

(i) to protect and improve local services,

(ii) to create more equal access to specialist support and national capacity, and

(iii) to strengthen the connection between police services and communities.

We have therefore taken the opportunity during this inspection to comment on the extent to which these reform objectives are being achieved.

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East Ayrshire
North Ayrshire
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