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HMICS LP+ Missing Persons - Terms of Reference - January 2015

HMICS – Local Policing+ Inspection: the management of vulnerable adults, children and young people reported missing in Police Scotland Aberdeen Division.

Terms of Reference: 21 January 2015

HMICS Local Policing+ Inspection of vulnerable people who have been reported missing in Aberdeen Division.

HMICS has published its Terms of Reference for its review of the handling of missing person reports in Aberdeen.

HMICS Local Policing+ Inspection of the Investigative Approach to Rape in Fife Division

This aim of this inspection was to assess the state, effectiveness and efficiency of Police Scotland’s approach to the investigation of rape. Whilst we have examined the investigative approach through the lens of local policing in Fife, we have also had regard to the national approach to rape investigation through an examination of the interaction between local officers in Fife Division and the National Rape Taskforce (NRTF).

HMICS Local Policing+ Pilot Inspection of Fife Division

This inspection, which forms part of our published scrutiny programme, was conducted as a pilot to test our methodology of the Local Policing+ inspection programme, whilst at the same time undertaking a robust evidence-led inspection of Fife Division. The learning from the pilot will inform our rolling programme of divisional inspections that aim to assess the state, effectiveness and efficiency of Local Policing across Scotland.


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