Dumfries & Galloway

Press Release - HMICS Publish Inspection of Local Policing in Dumfries and Galloway

Police officers and staff in Dumfries and Galloway have a strong sense of local identity and work hard to provide an efficient and effective service to their communities, says a report published today (17th May 2016).

The report by HM Inspector of Constabulary in Scotland found that crimes rates in the Dumfries and Galloway Division of Police Scotland are among the lowest in Scotland, while detections are the highest in the country.

Terms of Reference - HMICS Local Policing+ Cross boundary policing - Dumfries and Galloway Division

Not all crimes are committed by people living or working in the same area. Some are committed by individuals and groups who travel across policing boundaries exploiting rural communities and carrying out a range of acquisitive crimes including the theft of agricultural machinery and livestock.

Complementing our Local Policing+ inspection of Dumfries and Galloway Division, we will assess the state, effectiveness and efficiency of the management of cross-boundary crime.

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