Who We Are

Leadership and Governance

Derek Penman is the current HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary in Scotland (HMICS). He was appointed by Royal Warrant on 31 January 2014 for a term of three years and is competely independent of government and policing bodies. He is responsible for the strategic leadership of HMICS and accountable for our activities. Our Corporate Strategy for 2014-17 has been reframed with reference to our new statutory duties and informed through stakeholder engagement and research to reflect best practice. This clearly establishes our strategic direction and our approach to scrutiny for the next three years and the term of appointment for Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary.

Planning and Processes

We seek to have effective processes for key areas of our activity. These include our Scrutiny Risk Assessments, new Scrutiny Framework and the introduction of an Inspection Framework. Through various methods for organisational continual improvement we will seek to enhance our effectiveness, efficiency and economy. We intensively debrief our activities, seek feedback from those we scrutinise, partners and others and use this to enhance our processes and approach. This has resulted in a refreshed Complaints Handling process and a revitalised communications and engagement plan.

Our People

HMICS has a total of 13 fulltime staff who are supplemented by a cadre of Associate Inspectors. HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary is supported by an Assistant Inspector of Constabulary, (AIC) Gill Imery who is responsible for the day to day operation of HMICS. Both the AIC and a Staff Officer are currently seconded from Police Scotland. There are three Lead Inspectors, who are civil servants, with a background within policing and other relevant fields of work. Our Associate Inspectors have been recruited from a range of professional experience. We seek to support our people in achieving their individual and team objectives. Our staff have clear job descriptions with appraisal and performance reviews, training and development plans and receive recognition for their individual contributions to our work. Regular team meetings are held to assist coordinate our varied work programme that requires our staff to work throughout Scotland.

Our Partnerships

We engage with over 100 differing stakeholder groups in the course of our activities. Our principal partners include Scottish Government, the Police Investigations & Review Commissioner, the Scottish Institute for Policing Research and a range of other audit and inspection/improvement bodies. We engage at varying levels with many stakeholders nationally, regionally and locally and also seek feedback through a wide range of channels, including social media.

Our Resources

The budget for HMICS was £1.16m in 2013-14 and is set at £1.006m for 2014-15. This takes account of the need to continue to deliver efficiencies throughout the public sector. Our budget is less than 0.1% of the cost of policing in Scotland and delivers value for money in an overall Scottish scrutiny budget of around £50m. Our budget currently comprises 88% staff costs and 12% operating costs.


We will add value through the work we do, highlighting good practice and making recommendations that drive improvement in policing for the communities of Scotland. We will do this in a proportionate manner and work collaboratively to minimise our scrutiny footprint. We will monitor our work to ensure it is adding value and will continually improve to ensure what we do it is relevant, up to date and timely. We will work to our values and inspect using the principles of our framework to ensure transparency.